First tool - We gripped a locking wrench onto a screwdriver with a square shaft to get more leverage.  While this worked somewhat it still wasn't all the great.  The main problem is the the heads of screw drivers are tapered and whenever we applied force it kept wanting to slip out of the slot behind the spindle.

Second tool - The almighty crow bar.  This was Robs idea.  To be honest I got a little apprehensive about using that crow bar.  But it actually worked :).  Just be careful.

Final tool - We didn't create this until we were putting on the last strut.  The crow bar and the screw driver, along with a lot of sweat pain and muscle got us through most of the front install.  This use to be a 1/2 to 3/8 socket drive adapter but Rob ground down 2 of the edges flat and then slipped it onto the end of a breaker bar and that was the end of that.  Homemade VAG tool that would have made life much easier and cut our install time in half.